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MIDUNDO is a SOCIAL MUSIC SERVICE that enables you to listen, watch and download music Audios, Videos, Wallpapers. Allows you to arrange your playlist and share songs or gift someone. 
Get updates of News, top music charts of Local and International Artists all over the world, share or download songs of your favorite artists, and have fun sharing your comments with friends.

Getting Started
With a step by step guideline you will be able to have fun and make the most out of MIDUNDO.
1. Sign In.
Click on ‘Register’ on the top right side of the MIDUNDO homepage and fill in the required information. As a registered member you will be able to get access to your MIDUNDO account and have more fun chatting with friends.
2. Preview on various music videos, news and albums of various artists.
3. Search for Music Videos, News and Albums of your favorite artists.
4. Create your playlist, listen, comment and rate your favorite songs.
5. Buy, download and share songs with your friends.

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