RiRi and Chris back again.
The on-and-off relationship!

View: 628 | 15:32 15-12-2016

RiRi and Chris back again.

The on-and-off relationship of Rihanna and Chris Brown has been a subject of great speculation for media and fans. Their breakup and patch-ups always made one wonder if they are meant to be together and now it looks like they are. Rihanna seems to have forgiven him and it is speculated that the duo is back to being together.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the songstress opened up about their relationship and said that it is "different now," reports Daily Mail. The "Diamonds" singer was very candid about Chris Brown and admitted that she wants to be happy and does not care what people think about her. She stated that after being tormented for so many years and being angry and dark, she would rather just live her truth and take the backlash.

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